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Pelvic Health concerns (such as incontinence and pelvic pain) are far too common and rarely talked about. Many men and women suffer silently without realizing that there are effective, evidence-based treatment solutions. Pelvic Health Physiotherapy is established in the literature as a first-line of defence against Incontinence and Pelvic Pain. Assessment and treatment of weak and/or tight pelvic floor muscles by our Pelvic Health Therapist can have a profound effect on a variety of related conditions.

Women’s health physiotherapy refers to disorders that are specific to women during various phases of life ranging from adulthood, pregnancy, post-partum, menopause and old age. This also includes rehabilitation post-surgery and post-cancer diagnosis/treatment.

Pain is the most common symptom reported by women with pelvic health issues. Low back pain or pelvic pain with sustained sitting, cycling, during sexual intercourse and swimming are few of the problems where there may be pelvic floor dysfunction. Pain unattended can alter functions of muscles, joints, and increase nervous system sensitivity thereby resulting in change in strength, mobility and posture. Involuntary loss of urine is considered as incontinence, there are various types of incontinence like stress, urge, mixed. Weakness in pelvic floor muscles can lead to incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.

Our specially trainer Pelvic Health Physiotherapist can help with pain reduction, function and mobility, and strategies to help cope with pain. A detailed external and internal examination can be required to determine the physical factors associated with the given condition, and they are specially trained pelvic floor therapists.

For the Men: 

Pelvic pain is a highly treatable condition when addressed from a whole person perspective.  Looking at all the social, physical and distress factors will help the therapist and patient to get to the bottom of the pain problem.

Pelvic floor physiotherapy is very successful in resolving issues with incontinence, both stress and urge incontinence, as well as post-void dribble.

An internal exam is an integral part of treatment of pelvic floor problems.  It is not mandatory and much can be accomplished with even a good external exam that takes the pelvic floor into consideration.  However, an internal exam is the gold standard.

Men who sit for prolonged periods of time, endurance athletes, cross-fit athletes, and men with stress-driven problems often end up with pelvic floor problems that need to be addressed with pelvic floor physiotherapy.


  • Osteoporosis
  • Bowel/Bladder Dysfunction
  • Pre- and post-cancer muscle dysfunction
  • Pelvic pain / Perineal pain / pelvic instability
  • Pre- and post-surgery (hysterectomy/pelvic surgery/breast surgery)
  • Lymphedema
  • Diastasis recti
  • Tail bone pain
  • Low back pain
  • Sacroiliac dysfunction
  • Pre- and post-natal pain and dysfunction
  • For Men:
  • urinary urgency
  • frequency
  • burning with urination
  • post-ejaculatory pain


Google star rating

Having come in with a hairline fracture in his left wrist, my son underwent physiotherapy. The staff is very friendly and professional. They did not waste time while still maintaining a thorough preliminary evaluation. With continued and consistent appointments along with the at home exercises my son's strength increased by 10 lbs within a mere 5 sessions. Direct billing for benefits made it very convenient. Highly recommended.

Dale L.

I have had a great experience with Koonar Physiotherapy!! Early October I started treatment for dual herniated discs in my lower back. Jordan, Anna and Jon have been phenomenal in dealing with my injuries and slowly getting me back to 100%. Casey and Jessica at the front desk are sweethearts and always willing to try to accommodate my schedule(work, kids, etc.) I cant thank the whole staff enough for making me whole again!!!

Ian P.

Koonar physiotherapy is excellent!! I have been a patient there for over a year after a serious motor vehicle accident injury I endured. The Physiotherapists conducted a thorough examination of all my injuries and explained my issues in a clear yet comprehensive way, leaving me reassured. After following all the amazing advice, my pain is nearly gone and I am feeling incredible. The staff is super and is always very friendly. I thoroughly recommend Koonar physiotherapy.

Krista L.

Excellent well trained therapists. Very thorough and knowledgeable. Helped me gain range on my on my first visit. They use up to date methods and have the most up to date equipment. They also offer pool therapy to help with recovery.

Arnold W.

I have never been cared for from any physiotherapy clinic in the same way and treated like a human being and felt like family caring as it is with Koonar Physo. The staff are extremely friendly and very knowledgable and always there to help. The owner Mike Koonar is always there to assist, his positive uplifting attitude is extremely helpful when you feel your worst but he is there to push you when you can do it. I will never go to any other physiotherapy represented places because of the treatment the opportunities for different types of treatment including Hydro therapy physiotherapy acupuncture and more. Mike and his team have worked together to put me back together so that I can function to my highest level.

Cynthia H.

Amazing!! Very friendly, knowledgeable and flexible with appointments. The entire staff has been great helping me pre and post surgery. Definitely made my bad days a whole lot better. Strongly recommend them.

Marion I.

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